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Where there’s muck, there’s gas

The use of renewable energy will play an essential part in our drive to reduce carbon emissions. An innovative scheme in Canada is harnessing an unlikely source of green energy – rubbish.

Gimli - Carbon

Our distillery in Gimli, Manitoba, is at the forefront of our drive to use renewable energy. The plant, where we distil Crown Royal whisky, has replaced its entire supply of the fossil fuel natural gas with biomethane, a form of green gas.

The biomethane is captured from the decay of organic matter in landfill sites – a renewable source that has a neutral impact on carbon emissions. Using biomethane instead of fossil fuel gas will have a dramatic impact on Gimli’s carbon footprint, reducing the CO2 emissions from Gimli by more than 99%.

The Gimli initiative, which began as a concept earlier this year and is now fully operational, is an initial three-year partnership with provider Bullfrog which has great potential for our business. Converting to biomethane in this one location will reduce our overall CO2 emissions by 3%, a significant contribution to our global carbon strategy, which is designed to halve the overall CO2 emissions of our operations by 2015.

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