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Supporting social entrepreneurs with the Arthur Guinness Fund

Operating in 180 markets, Diageo understands that business thrives when our communities prosper. The Arthur Guinness Fund supports entrepreneurs whose work changes communities for the better.


Established in 2009, the Arthur Guinness Fund identifies and supports smart entrepreneurs who want to make a significant difference to communities through business. An enlightened entrepreneur himself, Arthur Guinness had the vision to improve the communities and the lives of citizens where Guinness was sold around the world. We set up the fund in honour of Arthur’s legacy.

Now active in 13 countries, including Ireland, Spain, Canada and the United Kingdom, the fund has already supported the initiatives of more than 50 social entrepreneurs, with £6.3 million invested to date. In Ireland since 2010 we’ve supported 20 entrepreneurs from organisations including Growing Locally, which trains low-income residents how to grow their own vegetables and improve nutrition; Pieta House, Ireland's first centre for the prevention of self-harm and suicide; Decisions for Heroes, which creates software customised to help rescue teams such as the Irish coast guard; and Hand on Heart Enterprises, which helps to create jobs for people with disabilities. Of the social entrepreneurs we work with in Ireland, 85% rated the support they receive from the Arthur Guinness Fund as excellent.

Oliver Loomes, global brand director, Guinness, said, ‘We’re proud to be supporting entrepreneurs who are in the business of changing communities - people with a business head and a social heart. The Arthur Guinness Fund was designed to take their initiatives to the next level and expand their vision for making a real and lasting difference.’