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Sunshine whisky

Scotland might not seem like the most obvious site for a solar power project. But new solar panels at our distillery in Inchgower are a glimpse of a future in which we will generate far more renewable energy at our sites.

Inchgower Solar - Carbon

The roofs of our distillery on Speyside, where we make Inchgower single malt whisky, are now covered with solar photovoltaic cells which are currently converting the sun’s rays into the equivalent of 12,600MJ of electricity per year.

The solar project is an example of the kind of innovative thinking behind our drive to generate our own renewable energy, either through the sustainable re-use of some of the co-products and waste created by our operations, or through the harnessing of the sun, wind or water. All the electricity generated by the solar photovoltaic cells is used on the site, and reduces the amount of electricity imported from the national grid.

This project came into being when we recognised the opportunities presented by the UK Government’s Feed-in-Tariff (FIT), which supports small-scale renewable energy projects.

‘Inchgower isn’t the warmest of our sites, but it does get a lot of sunshine’” said Duncan Wall, process engineer for Malt Distilling, ‘and we believe Inchgower is the first malt distillery in Scotland to be generating renewable electricity from solar panels.’