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Strengthening the sorghum supply in Nigeria

Guinness Nigeria is working hard to ensure a pure and plentiful supply of sorghum, one of the most important grains we use in Nigeria.

Sorghum supply in Nigeria

Sorghum is the major local raw material used at Guinness Nigeria, accounting for more than 70% of grain volume in 2012. A more drought-resistant crop than barley, sorghum helps us create opportunities for local communities while securing a sustainable supply for our products in water-stressed regions.

Planning for pure

We have been helping farmers maintain the purity of their supply of sorghum, and in the longer term develop new varieties, because sorghum grains tend to become contaminated through cross pollination over the years. Our purification project, in partnership with the Institute of Agricultural Research (IAR), has been active since 2003 and has significantly improved seed quality and yield. The first purification process resulted in a yield 23% above the national average.

Having come this far, we’re now collaborating with the Institute for Agriculture Research (IAR) and Du Pont to develop hybrid varieties of seed that are resistant to striga, a parasitic weed responsible for 80-100% of crop failure in infested sorghum crop fields.

We also plan to purify yellow short kaura seeds (which are open pollinated), or develop a new hybrid with the IAR and the Business Innovation Facility.

Festus Oboite, local raw material specialist, Guinness Nigeria, said, ‘The ultimate target is Nigerian farmers, who stand to benefit from increased yields and higher income.’