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Standing proud for integrity in Africa: Pathway of Pride training programme touches many employees

This year employees across Africa attended our popular Pathway of Pride training programme which has been engendering an ethical culture in our pan-African business since 2010.

Pathway of Pride II

Pathway of Pride goes beyond basic Code of Business Conduct training to address the particular compliance and ethics issues faced by our employees and the business in Africa. Launched in 2010, Pathway of Pride events aim to provide a forum for sharing experiences and ideas, and to help answer employees’ questions around the interpretation of our Code and policies. Due to their success we have held events in each of our African markets every year since launch.

‘Building on our Code of Business Conduct training, every one of our employees in Africa is given the opportunity to attend a Pathway of Pride workshop,’ said Ifeoma Mafeni, HR director, Africa Regional Markets. ‘Instead of focusing on the “what”, the workshops help employees understand why an ethical approach to business matters. The programme has been tremendously popular.’

Led by senior management, the workshops bring together employees for an interactive and engaging session designed to foster an environment of accountability and integrity. They focus on creating a culture change in the way we work by engaging and inspiring employees to uphold ethics and integrity every day in their jobs.

Activities this year included a poetry and essay competition that encouraged employees to explore their personal connection with our Code of Business Conduct, thereby helping them embrace their responsibilities towards it, and a poster design competition to advertise the event.