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Spring clean for the piping plover

Taking care of the eco-systems around us comes naturally to Diageo employees. When employees from our offices in Norwalk, Connecticut cleared a beach of rubbish in May, they helped restore the beauty of the habitat of one of the United States’ threatened bird species.


The sand dunes along Long Beach in Fairfield are among the best nesting areas for piping plovers, foraging shorebirds whose bell-like whistle has become a rarer sound in Connecticut as their beach habitats have come under threat.

Each year, employees from our North America head office in Norwalk come to this stretch of the Long Island Sound to help clear away the flotsam and jetsam carried onto the beach by the Atlantic currents, improving the habitat for piping plovers, which are considered a threatened species under federal and state law. In May, our volunteers spent several hours walking the length of Long Beach, taking care not to disturb the birds’ nesting areas but clearing away hundreds of pounds of unwanted clutter from Fairfield’s public beach.

At Diageo, we are fortunate in having offices and facilities close to some of the most beautiful places in the world, home to a great variety of species. Wherever we can, we like to celebrate this biodiversity.