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Saving water for the wetlands

In parts of the world that are water stressed, we have a particular responsibility not to waste the water that is so vital to communities, eco-systems and our business. A major investment in our Ghana operations is saving water where it is most needed.

Kumasi Kaase - Water wasterd in water-stressed areas

The Owabi Nature Reserve in Ghana is the home of internationally-protected wetland and woodlands, some of the most delicate and beautiful habitats in the world.

The reserve is host to a variety of resident and migratory birds, endangered or threatened species including the Diana monkey and the pied hornbill, and a wide range of vulnerable wetland plants and animals. It also contains the Owabi reservoir, which supplies water to a rapidly growing population, local industry and agriculture – and the city of Kumasi, where our Kumasi Kaase brewery makes Guinness.

As demand for the water that supplies this valuable habitat rises, it becomes increasingly important that we use our share as efficiently and responsibly as we can.

At Kumasi Kaase, we invested £2.8 million in replacing our bottle-pasteurising system, with the new process coming on stream in November 2011. This single change alone will save 60,000m3 of water in a full year – which equates to the amount of water that would be used domestically in a year by 3,000 people. Combined with other initiatives, this has improved water efficiency at Kumasi by 2.4%, and, alongside successful work at our other Guinness Ghana brewery, Achimota, we have improved the efficiency of our water use across the business in Ghana by 18.5%.

Conserving water in water-stressed areas is one of our most important responsibilities. Globally, we have set ourselves a target of a 50% reduction of water wasted in water-stressed areas by 2015.