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Safety improvements in Europe

We won’t stop making improvements to safety until we have met the ambitions of our Zero Harm programme: that everyone goes home safe, every day, everywhere. Results from our European supply centre show how we are engaging employees to drive progress.

Safety improvements in Europe

My safety and yours

Accidents among our employees and contractors at our sites are getting fewer. Under the banner of its ‘My Safety’ campaign, our European supply centre experienced its lowest-ever lost-time accident and severity rates in 2012.

‘The “challenge” culture has greatly improved matters, with people feeling more comfortable in challenging unsafe behaviours in the workplace, whoever is displaying them,’ said Bryan Donaghey, supply director, Europe supply, where the number of lost-time accidents* (LTAs) this year fell by 44%, and the number of more minor incidents also fell by 45%.

The My Safety campaign emphasises employees’ responsibility for their own safety and that of others, both in and out of the workplace. A poster campaign highlights front-line employees who have been injured at work, describing in their own words the background to the accident and the short- and long-term effects the injury had on their lifestyle. They also describe how it affected colleagues. This hard-hitting campaign brought home how even the most experienced person, doing the most routine tasks, must stay aware of safety issues.

The campaign was supported by other activities including a peer-protection component in which employees were trained in how to challenge unsafe behaviours constructively, and, equally important, how to accept a challenge in the spirit it’s given.

Initiatives which encourage managers to discuss behaviour with their teams, and the global Severe and Fatal Incident Prevention Programme (SFIP), which has focused on on-site traffic management and working at height, have also played a big part in improving the centre's safety record.

‘Despite all the good work we have done we can never sit back and take health and safety for granted,’ added Bryan. ‘It is vitally important that we all remain focused on improving health and safety on each and every one of our sites. We all need to take personal responsibility for our safety and, before taking any action, ask ourselves: “Is this really the safe way to do this?”’

* Lost-time accidents are on-the-job accidents resulting in time lost from work of one day or more.