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Safeguarding against corruption in Nigeria

Over the last 60 years, Diageo has built a successful business with iconic brands in Nigeria. However, corruption remains a challenge to the overall business environment and a threat to the success of private enterprise.


Nigeria suffers a reputation as having one of the highest rates of corruption in the world, in turn hampering growth and dissuading investment. As a leading business, Guinness Nigeria strives to operate to the highest standards in all it does including, importantly, corporate governance, ethical practices and the promotion of integrity.

To cement our commitment to good governance and to object publicly to corruption, in September 2011 Guinness Nigeria signed up to the Convention on Business Integrity (CBi), a declaration for the maintenance of ethical conduct, competence, transparency and accountability by private sector operators.

Working towards zero tolerance

The CBi, established in 1997, exists to empower businesses in Nigeria to fight against corrupt practices, through workshops and conferences on compliance and corporate governance issues, and by signing up private and public sector organisations. Signatories are helping transform the perception of Nigerian businesses as fraudulent, and working towards zero tolerance for corruption. As a member of the CBi, we made a public declaration of our intention to abide by our Code of Business Conduct, which guides all our operations.

Devlin Hainsworth, managing director, Guinness Nigeria, commented, ‘We are proud of what we do, and we are proud to do it in the right way. We are truly pleased to join other leading members of the business community in Nigeria in our collective effort to combat corruption.’