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Safe Water for Africa

Diageo knows that partnering with other forward-looking companies is the best way to bring about significant, lasting change. The Safe Water for Africa partnership is doing just that.


Diageo has joined forces with The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and WaterHealth International (WHI) to bring safe drinking water to 2 million people in Africa by the end of calendar year 2012. It builds on Diageo’s existing work addressing water scarcity in Africa, and shows what can be achieved when forward-looking private sector companies work together.

Launched at the 2011 World Economic Forum on Africa, The Safe Water for Africa partnership is a new model for water provision, ensuring more sustainable access to water through the installation of WaterHealth Centres (WHCs) at the heart of African communities. Each WHC uses sedimentation, filtration and ultra-violet technologies to purify and disinfect contaminated water.

Clean water for West Africa and beyond

The initial focus has been on West Africa, where we have installed WHCs in Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia, but we will expand further. We are also working to raise awareness in communities around sanitation, hygiene and the importance of clean water.

By the end of December 2012, we aim to have installed up to 200 WHCs in African communities, and we hope that these centres will become the reliable source for World Health Organization quality water*.

‘We are  looking forward to developing our strategic partnerships further in this area so as to make an even greater impact on the livelihoods of millions of people living in vulnerable communities across the continent,’ said Anne McCormick, corporate relations director, Diageo Africa.

* The World Health Organization produces international norms on water quality and human health in the form of guidelines that are used as the basis for regulation and standard setting, in developing and developed countries world-wide.