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Red Stripe opens doors to work in Jamaica

In Jamaica, Red Stripe’s Project Retailer is preparing residents in inner-city communities for a future in gainful employment. 75 students are already well on their way.

Socia Red Stripe Jamaica

All the students from the first group of Red Stripe’s Project Retailer, part of Diageo’s Learning for Life scheme, are already enjoying practical internships in stores and supermarkets, and we’ve welcomed the second group. The project is designed to help people gain skills and confidence in work, with a particular emphasis on building a career in merchandising.

People who felt they were shut out from the world of work are given all the support they need to become job-ready, and furnished with skills in merchandising and customer service which will make them great employees for the retail industry.

We are very proud that all the students enrolled in the first group went from classroom theory to on-the-job practical internships, and we’re grateful to our partnerships with Hilo Food Stores, the Progressive Grocers Group and Michi Supercentre. Oral Richards, general manager of HILO Food Stores, said, ‘The provision of these paid internships is our small way of giving back to and supporting Jamaica’s economic development.’

Marsha Haye, intern at Michi Supercentre, said, ‘Red Stripe has just opened a door into the working world for me. They have given me that golden opportunity to make myself a proud young lady at Michi.’