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On the road to improving Polish communities

This year is the third outing for Diageo Poland’s social campaign for responsible drinking. And we’re talking to both drivers and passengers about being more assertive on the road.

On the road to improving Polish communities

We are focusing this year’s responsible drinking campaign on assertiveness for both drivers and passengers, asking them to sign their name under the declaration ‘I drive. I don’t drink’. Since last year we have collected around 75,000 signatures in stores, through the campaign’s website and on Facebook where a dedicated application simulates drink driving. Elements of the campaign will also provide education about underage drinking and how to pace alcohol consumption.

Our partners include the Medical University of Warsaw (MUW), the Institute of Vehicle Transport, Foundation Cristopher (‘Krzyś’), the Pan-European Designated Driver Campaign, European Night without Accidents, and the Automotive Market Research Institute Samar. Since the launch in February 2012, our customer Real has featured the campaign in its stores, and it has been covered by over 110 publications in the most influential Polish media and on TV and radio, allowing us to reach approximately 5 million people.

This is just part of our activity in Poland designed to have a positive impact on communities. Our Community Day on 18 April saw 75% of the Diageo Poland team plant 2,000 oak trees in a forest near Warsaw.

We also organised a separate volunteering programme for employees. We chose three ideas to be supported by both employees and the company including a children’s judo school and two initiatives to help children in need.

‘We strongly encourage employees to submit ideas for volunteering, and we’re glad to help towards the costs of activating the ideas voted the most popular,’ said Aneta Jóźwicka, corporate relations manager, Warsaw.