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Meadow in the metropolis

Our global head office, 7HQ, is in the Park Royal business district of London. We’re creating a haven for biodiversity in the city.


Getting a little wild at head office needn’t be a bad thing. This year, we created a meadow area at 7HQ which we hope will be a haven where plant and insect species can flourish. Around 100 square metres has been set aside to encourage wildflowers and bees, butterflies and other insects to share our grounds with head office employees and visitors – a small but useful contribution to species which are under pressure from modern farming and urbanisation.

Starting the meadow with a mixture of turf and seed meant that even in the first few months, it bloomed with wildflowers and attracted bees and butterflies. As it matures over many years, we hope it will become home to more species of native plant and a magnet for day-flying moths, crickets, grasshoppers and birds.

The meadow will need no additional water, fertiliser, or mechanised maintenance, and it will be a modest carbon sink. But more importantly, it will be a reminder that our business is dependent on, and a neighbour to, the biodiversity of many eco-systems around the world, where our ingredients are sourced or our operations based. Protecting that biodiversity is a key part of our sustainability strategy.