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Losing weight, but still looking great

When consumers enjoy the UK’s leading wine brand, they may not notice that the bottles have been redesigned and contain lighter glass. But when we sell 80 million bottles of Blossom Hill a year, this small but considered change to more sustainable packaging makes a big difference.


Our Blossom Hill California and Italian wines are our biggest-selling wine brands in the United Kingdom. When we are producing millions of bottles of the same brand, we have a great opportunity to make a big difference through small changes in design or materials, helping to meet our ambition to reduce the overall weight of our packaging by 10% by 2015.

This year with Blossom Hill we’ve changed both, making the bottles an imperceptible 3mm shorter, and optimising glass distribution during bottle manufacture to ensure we maintain our high standards for protection and presentation.

The result is that 75cl Blossom Hill bottles now weigh 390g each, a saving of 25g per bottle since last year, while retaining all their aesthetic and functional value. We’ve saved 2,000 tonnes of glass per year through the redesign, and there will be further environmental benefits from the reduced weight of the bottles in transit. The bottles are also 100% recyclable and contain 37% non-virgin glass, adding to the brand’s strong environmental credentials.