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iDevelop: portal to a fulfilling career

Giving people the freedom to succeed means providing them with the tools to shape their own careers and development. Our new self-assessment tool, iDevelop, is placing a key to our array of development programmes into the hands of every employee.

iDevelop - portal to a fulfilling career

Helping employees become the best

Our business can only benefit from employees reaching their full potential, and our iDevelop programme is designed to help them do just that. iDevelop is a new online self-assessment programme which employees can use to identify their strengths, the gaps in their capability, and the training or development activities they need to fulfil their aspirations.

Employees in finance, manufacturing and our supply chain can complete an iDevelop self-assessment as part of their Partners for Growth (P4G) performance management process. By giving employees a view of what positions and roles are available across Diageo, what skills they need to develop to achieve them, and the training and learning resources available, iDevelop enables employees to plan their own route to becoming the best they can be. Links to the Diageo Academy and a learning catalogue, an index detailing opportunities and suggestions for learning, provide the tools for employees to develop both their more technical functional skills and their leadership skills. Modules for employees in other business functions will be added throughout 2012 as we develop the programme.

iDevelop also helps managers, both by providing the basis of an employee’s performance review, and by identifying the level of skills and capability among their teams. In the long term, we expect iDevelop to contribute to the sustainability of our business by allowing us to build stronger and more capable teams, and by enabling employees to chart the career course that will most fulfil them – making Diageo a great place to work.