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Harvesting the skies

Every drop of water is precious. The launch of a rainwater harvesting project at our Huntingwood plant in New South Wales, Australia, shows how we are conserving water in places where supplies are short.

Huntingwood - Improving water efficiency worldwide

When it rains at Huntingwood, it pours – into a rain-collection tank that holds 250,000 litres. Harvesting rainfall from the roof of our largest plant in Australia is expected to save 4 million litres of water each year on average.

Huntingwood is where we bottle ready-to-serve products and premium spirits like Smirnoff and Gordon’s gin, which are playing a big part in maintaining Diageo’s position as Australia’s leading premium drinks business.

Water supplies to the site are often subject to periods of restrictions during hot weather – which is when our cooling towers need water most. This year, we worked with utility provider Sydney Water to convert the roofs of our warehouse and packaging plant so that they divert rainwater into the rain-collection tank, from where it can be pumped through a two-stage filtration and ultra-violet disinfection process and on to the cooling towers.

The water savings will contribute to an improvement in water efficiency at Huntingwood of up to 4% - part of our global ambition of improving water efficiency in our operations by 30% by 2015, against a 2007 baseline.