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Guardian Angels take care of consumers in Latin America

Our Guardian Angels are taking to the streets during holiday seasons to help people make good decisions about drinking.


It’s not just at Christmas that Diageo encourages responsible drinking, but it’s a good time to amplify the message. Our Guardian Angels programme has been running in Latin America during the winter holiday season since its launch in Venezuela in 2005. In 2011, the Guardian Angels came to Puerto Rico. Angels are Diageo employees who volunteer to engage the public in conversation about enjoying alcohol responsibly.

Sometimes well-known faces sport angel wings to help the campaign. In Puerto Rico, several local stars joined in, including models Jaime Augusto Mayol and Shanira Blanco, and actors Carlos McConnie and Katiria Soto.

‘In Puerto Rico, Christmas is a holiday season with much celebration,’ Ed Solano, commercial director, Latin America and Caribbean. ‘Through this campaign we encourage people to consume responsibly and know their limits, ensuring that we can enjoy the time with no regrets.’