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Graduating from Learning for Life into a promising future

In the Dominican Republic, 840 more students have graduated from Learning for Life, armed with skills that will set them up for a great future and boost the hospitality industry.


At the recent graduation ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Santo Domingo, it was clear for all to see how meaningful the Learning for Life initiative is for those who take part, and for the hospitality industry as a whole. Along with our stakeholders, we congratulated the 840 students who had received their training in bartending, serving and culinary skills. Several of them had also taken part in training in merchandising.

Among the guests for this vibrant ceremony, Diageo welcomed Radhamés Vasquez, the Dominican Republic’s vice minister of Labor; Janelle Prieto, regional Learning for Life brand manager; and Patrick Flook, corporate relations manager, Caribbean and Central America. Also there were representatives from our local training partner, A&B Masters, and our local distributor, United Brands, including the company’s president Jose Jimenez.

A commitment to the future

Students leave the Learning for Life programme with a justified optimism about their employment prospects in the booming hospitality sector. Radhamés Vasquez said, ‘The programme means so much for our country and it is great to see so many young adults making a commitment to a positive future. This is sure to result in the further development of our country.’