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Diageo#TAXI – responsible drinking in action

A taxi home at the press of a button – that’s what employees in Canada can now enjoy as part of our efforts to live our commitment to responsible drinking.

Diageo TAXI – responsible drinking in action

Reassurance on the move

When a taxi home is the responsible option, it helps to be connected to a reputable company at the press of a button. This year in Canada, we launched Diageo#TAXI, a free mobile app and toll-free service which allows employees to be connected to the first available taxi company to arrange their journey home – in 30 seconds or less. Available in French and English, the app can be easily downloaded onto a Diageo blackberry, and employees can register for the service in seconds on their personal or work mobile phones.

Given what we do, it is no surprise that we think alcohol can play an important part in celebrations, or that supporting responsible drinking is one of the key elements in our health and wellbeing strategy for our employees. Diageo#TAXI is just one tool for our employees to act as ambassadors for our responsible message, while helping to ensure that we fulfil the philosophy of our Zero Harm programme: that everyone goes home safe, every day, everywhere.