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Diageo works to tackle drink driving in Ghana

Diageo takes the problem of drink driving very seriously and we want to play our part in helping to address it. In Ghana, we are working closely with government agencies, unions and business to deliver real change in attitudes.

Driving in Ghana

We believe that successfully addressing the problem of drink driving depends upon a mixture of education and enforcement. Diageo is committed to working with other stakeholders to ensure that initiatives have sufficient scale and focus to really make a difference.

That’s one reason why, in March 2012, Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd launched a breakthrough partnership with Ghana’s National Drivers Academy that will make alcohol education part of a mandatory annual road safety refresher course for all commercial drivers seeking or renewing a licence.

The partnership is inspired by our DRINKiQ alcohol awareness programme. Drivers will be required, by law, to attend at least one course in driving and road safety annually in order to renew or upgrade their licence. It forms part of a broader push by the government to implement its National Road Safety Strategy.

Alongside this initiative, Diageo has also been working with transport unions, government and business representatives to deliver the ‘Triad’ road safety campaign. Aimed at preventing a spike in road accidents during Easter celebrations, from April 2012, this targeted campaign to provide ‘End to End’ service on road safety involved: driver safety education, passenger empowerment and support to the police to enforce compliance on high accident routes in and out of Accra.

We are pleased that the Easter period statistics on road accidents improved significantly in 2012 with the number of vehicles (commercial, private and motorbikes) involved in an accident down by 10% - the lowest figure for over four years. A 4% reduction in the number of commercial vehicles involved contributed to this decrease. We will work with all our partners to fine-tune our approach so that together we can continue to make progress to improve road safety in Ghana and elsewhere by discouraging drink driving.