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Diageo trains bartenders in Mexico

Retailers are the front line in the battle to tackle alcohol misuse. In Mexico, Diageo helps to train bartenders so that they have the confidence, knowledge and skills to help make responsible drinking a reality.

Alcohol Actitud Actuar

Bar staff play a vital role in promoting responsible drinking because they interact directly with consumers. They have to make minute by minute decisions on who to serve and are a critical source of information and advice, helping to create the culture within which drinks are enjoyed.

In Mexico, Diageo has developed an innovative, online training tool that bar staff can use to sharpen the practical skills they need. Made up of four modules covering how to serve, how to sell, how to talk to customers and alcohol and driving, the curriculum ranges from the alcoholic content of different drinks and their effect on the human body to the bartenders’ role in setting an example. The training isn’t just restricted to bars with Diageo brands, but is designed to build skills across the industry as a whole. 200 bar staff have now been trained through this online platform.

This is just one facet of Diageo’s 360° strategy in Mexico to create a social movement for responsible attitudes to drinking – a goal we are pursuing in partnership with government, key customers and society. It sits alongside other activities including responsible marketing, support for random breathalyser checkpoints, point-of-sale material, and the provision of the right information to key sectors like education and government.