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Diageo supports the EU’s Alcohol Misuse Strategy

Different countries have different cultures and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to tackling alcohol misuse. Under its strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm, the European Union (EU) focuses on helping member states to share good practice and engage all interested parties in targeted action to reduce misuse. Diageo supports this approach, which should also inform the EU’s revised strategy.


Citizens in EU countries have a long and rich history of enjoying alcohol. Since the publication in 2006 of its Strategy to Support Member States to Reduce Alcohol Related Harm, the EU has played a co-ordinating and information-sharing role, backing member states in their efforts to promote responsible drinking.

Over the past six years, its supportive approach has delivered real results. The members of the European Alcohol and Health Forum have delivered over 220 commitments seeking to reduce alcohol misuse. 22 member states now have a marketing code – compared with just one in 2005. Three-quarters of spirits TV adverts now carry a responsible drinking message.

The European Commission (EC) is revising the EU strategy this year and we believe this presents an excellent opportunity to build on existing successes. So we are calling for a reinforced approach to cover the period 2013-20 – one that combines actions at EU and member state level.

We have proposed that the EC adopt a ‘role matrix’ as a tool to help to reinforce the Strategy. The idea is that the matrix helps to identify the best way in which collective action can achieve more.

We will continue to work with all stakeholders on delivering partnership programmes tackling alcohol misuse, accompanied by policy guidance and best practice to member states as they develop and refine national alcohol policies.