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Diageo reaches milestone agreement with Mexican government on responsible marketing

Global progress in self-regulation over the past year shows that a policy approach where government and industry work in partnership can pay real dividends.

Mexico Self-regulation

In 2011, Diageo Mexico organised a marketing summit bringing together government representatives and global experts including the World Federation of Advertisers. The result was the agreement in January 2012 of a ground-breaking co-regulatory code between government and the alcohol industry – one which ensures that advertising complies with local health laws, is always targeted at adults, and can’t be linked to athletic prowess.

This is a powerful testament to co-operative policy-making, where government and industry work in partnership. That’s because the original idea emerged from a series of roundtable discussions with government and other stakeholders (profiled in last year’s Sustainability & Responsibility Report).

Ideas generated included using federal initiatives to tackle the informal market and providing online training for bartenders. Diageo is currently developing the training, and has been a significant contributor to the country’s ‘Conduce Sin Alcohol’ programme, donating 50,000 breathalysers and thousands of responsible drinking leaflets. Since its launch, road deaths have dropped by 30%.