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Changing business culture in Asia Pacific

Over the last few years our team in Asia Pacific has been working to embed our Code of Conduct and policies across the region in increasingly engaging ways. Key to this has been our annual Ethics Day for employees, which is run in conjunction with the United Nation’s International Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December.

Changing business culture in Asia Pacific

Ethics Day was created to draw attention the important of ethics in our business, and to inspire employees by reminding them of the values we should embody in our work every day. In a region where culture and approaches can vary considerably between countries, it’s been particularly good to see how employees throughout the business have been embracing the Day and making it their own.

In Australia the office was transformed into a cinema where a showing of Dilbert cartoons kicked off a discussion on ethical and unethical behaviour within the company. In Singapore, film was also on the agenda, but with employees behind the camera – six teams submitted a five-minute video each bringing to life an ethical challenge. In another session professional actors performed a play involving a business negotiation where employees had to raise a red flag when they identified a potential policy breach and correct the actors’ behaviour.

In Vietnam, employees also took a cinematic approach, with homemade films prompting discussions on conflicts of interest, while Indonesia focused their Q&As on a range of company policies.

The Philippines took the theme ‘nothing that is morally wrong can be commercially right’, and the day was structured to ensure no one was left out, with employees out in the regions dialling in for special presentations. Meanwhile in Thailand, everyone traced their handprints on a large banner as a pledge to consider ethics every day in everything they do.

In India, employees took a creative approach, writing straplines for the Day, summed up by the winning ‘Integrity is the way to go, ethics is what makes this so… Compliance is the path to follow; this ensures we have a bright tomorrow.’ The day ended with a role-play competition in which employees acted out what ethics meant to them.

All in all a great day for Diageo with employees across Asia Pacific leaving feeling encouraged and inspired to build a strong culture of ethics and compliance in the workplace.