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Carrefour Italy and Diageo help consumers make better choices

As the world’s leading supplier of alcoholic drinks, Diageo has a responsibility to help shoppers make informed choices. Working with Carrefour in Italy helped us spread the responsibility message further.

Carrefour Italy and Diageo help consumers make better choices

A 2010 study by the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Health in Italy revealed that 33% of young adults were already over the drink driving limit before going out to clubs. Binge drinking and underage drinking were found to be growing issues in Italy, with awareness among young adults of alcohol-related risks running very low.

We launched a partnership with Carrefour, one of the most important retailers in Italy, to help address these problems through the Divertiti Responsabilmente programme, which helps shoppers make better choices when buying and consuming alcohol. Leaflets and banners presented information about the effects of alcohol and the alcohol content in various drinks.

Check-out data from 58 Carrefour stores showed that an estimated 6 million purchases occurred while the programme’s materials were in store. The initiative was well received, with 81% of people surveyed saying the information was very useful and 65% now aware of the units in different alcoholic beverages.

Meanwhile, we are also working with Carrefour in Belgium to improve the way their employees communicate about responsible drinking. Our ‘What’s your DRINKiQ?’ game toured different Carrefour Planet stores for two weeks in January 2012. ‘Working with a major retailer is proving to be an effective way to help consumers make informed choices,’ said Matthieu Comard, country director, Belgium (Benelux).