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AIM-PROGRESS – a united front on responsible sourcing in East Africa

Diageo is part of AIM-PROGRESS, a global task force for responsible sourcing that includes companies like Coca-Cola, Kraft and Unilever. We are working together to promote responsible sourcing in East Africa.

AIM-PROGRESS – a united front on responsible sourcing in East Africa

In October 2011, Diageo came together in Nairobi, Kenya with a group of other companies including Coca-Cola, Kraft, Nestlé and Unilever, to share best practice and renew its joint commitment to the importance of a sustainable supply chain. We were meeting as part of AIM-PROGRESS, an association of 31 companies, which promotes responsible sourcing practices. David Lawrence, Diageo’s compliance and ethics programme director, is current chairman of the association.

Representing Diageo, East African Breweries Ltd (EABL) managing director and CEO Seni Adetu addressed the gathering, emphasising the need to cultivate strong business principles in order to guarantee sustainable success. He said, ‘Business sustainability is no longer solely dependent on strong assets and financial success, but also on a solid ethical foundation and integrity.’

Uniting business leaders and suppliers

The one-day forum brought together over 150 regional stakeholders and representatives from Diageo’s supply chain and enabled us to share best practice, increase awareness and reinforce the importance of responsible sourcing to our suppliers. It included practical sessions on how to implement responsible sourcing programmes, looking at human and labour rights issues including child labour, forced labour, discrimination and hours of work. The EABL procurement team also made progress with their suppliers by increasing awareness and capability, requesting SEDEX registrations and assessments. In 2011 similar AIM-PROGRESS seminars were held in South Africa, China and Mexico.