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A multifaceted approach to promoting responsible drinking in Thailand

Alcohol misuse is a complex problem that manifests itself in many different ways. So encouraging responsible drinking needs a broad approach, where everyone works together in partnership.

Songkran Road Safety

In Thailand, Diageo operates through a joint-venture partnership with Moet Hennessy – Diageo Moet Hennessy Thailand. We have sought to raise awareness and shift attitudes by taking a comprehensive approach to alcohol misuse, supporting a suite of initiatives that aim collectively to be greater than the sum of their parts.

These include the landmark agreement of the country’s first self-regulatory marketing code for alcohol; the funding of a significant drink drive programme; the provision of bartender training; and the voluntary inclusion of standard drink measures on product labels.

Diageo jointly funds the Thai Foundation for Responsible Drinking (TFRD), a new independent organisation focused on creating a more responsible drinking culture in Thailand. Its ‘Know Your Limit’ targeted educational campaign has sought to raise awareness about responsible drinking behaviour and to educate consumers about standard drink measurements. TFRD also partnered with the Thailand Retail Association and sales outlets to deliver an ‘Are you 20?’ campaign, encouraging employees to seek age confirmation before selling alcohol, and raising awareness among consumers.

To improve standards for bar staff, Diageo worked with the Vocational Education Commission, training 200 teachers in responsible drinking awareness, who in turn delivered the programme to 6,000 students in training schools across six areas of Thailand.

We also ran a seasonal campaign during Thailand’s traditional New Year – Songkran – via a partnership with the Thai Police to encourage road safety and raise awareness of the risks of drinking and driving.