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Investing in skills and education

We want to help people in our local communities build their skills so they can enter the workforce, either in our value chain or through other local industries.

We believe one of the best leading indicators for development is training and education and have historically placed a large emphasis on this around the world.

Vocational training in Latin America

Learning for Life, our flagship community investment programme in Latin America and Caribbean began as a programme to give life skills and training to people in the region's key areas of tourism, retailing, hospitality, entrepreneurship, and teaching. It is designed to give participants a real chance of finding employment and becoming active contributors to their community. In 2012 we ran 59 programmes in 30 countries and trained 12,639 students. This brings the total number of people trained to date to 63,638 since its launch in 2008.

This year Learning for Life has focused on the quality of its vocational training programmes, rather than the quantity of students trained. We have worked with our customers and other stakeholders, as well as engaging our retailers and distributors, to help us identify opportunities for students. This has enabled us to meet market demand and provide more jobs for our graduates. We also want to ensure that the programme links back directly to our own business.

The programme has five themes:

  • Bartending - this programme offers underprivileged young adults of legal serving age the skills and knowledge to enter a career of bartending. Read more about bartending in Mexico.
  • Hospitality - we develop hospitality courses and provide scholarships which include internships with local hotels and restaurants. The programme currently operates in Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.
  • Enterprise - this gives community members the knowledge and practical tools they need to start their own small business and become productive and self-sustaining in the future. The programme currently operates in Haiti, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica and Venezuela and can range from two to 12 months in length.
  • Retailing - this offers disadvantaged, unemployed young people the chance to gain skills and hands-on experience in customer relations and cash management for the retail sector. Read more about retailing in Jamaica.
  • 'Professor' - this programme trains teachers in marginalised areas in Mexico. More than 14,600 teachers were involved in Project Professor and 80 graduates were awarded a full scholarship to further their studies in Spain, thanks to a partnership with Fundacion Televisa.

Diageo's Bar Academy in Asia Pacific

In partnership with the globally-recognised Wine and Spirits Education Trust, Diageo's Bar Academy aims to provide accredited training and professional certification for bartenders across Asia Pacific. Thus far, the Academy has trained 10,000 bartenders in Asia and a further 9,600 in Australia, raising their skills to develop world class bar training standards and awareness of responsible drinking to benefit local tourism. Read more in our case study.

University programmes

Diageo funds a variety of scholarship programmes, particularly in the communities in which we have production sites. In East Africa, we have awarded over 200 university scholarships to bright and needy students. Successful scholars receive a complete university scholarship package including tuition, books, accommodation and a monthly stipend. The programme partners with both private and public universities in the region, among them Strathmore University in Kenya, Makerere University in Uganda and Mzumbe Universities in Tanzania.

In Nigeria, Diageo established a scholarship programme in collaboration with the Nigeria Society of Engineers for young engineering students in the Lagos, Edo and Abias states, where we have operational sites. We also promote technical education in the country, and this year sponsored 10 students to enrol in the Institute of Industrial Technology (IIT) in Lagos.

In Scotland, Diageo has also been funding engineering scholarships in Fife for 10 years - supporting students that have demonstrated excellence in their academic career and/or show financial need. The full-time students study various disciplines of engineering and computer sciences.

Other training programmes

A unique recycling initiative in Colombia, called Alianza con la Tierra, created jobs for local 'cooperativas', which are associations of low-income families who work mainly on the collection of all kinds of recyclable materials. This year, in addition to the recycling work, we offered 300 students from six associations access to classes on citizenship and civil rights, business management, commercial skills and organisational management. Read more in our case study.

In Indonesia we support bar staff through the 'Sahabat Guinness' (Guinness is my good friend) programme, providing training and insurance for 4,500 bar staff across four key cities.

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