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Socio-economic development

Celebrating life, every day, everywhere is about contributing to the lives of our employees and business partners, and to the wider community through all our activities. Helping to maximise our social and economic impact builds trust with our stakeholders, boosts employee engagement and supports the stable operating environment we need to succeed.

Our approach

At Diageo, giving back to our communities has been a part of our history dating back to the founders of our legacy companies. In the nineteenth century, for example, Arthur Guinness provided parks and housing for Dublin's poor at a time when governments relied on private beneficence to fund public services. Meanwhile Grand Metropolitan was closely linked with projects tackling unemployment before it merged with Guinness to become Diageo.

Our approach has expanded since we made a meaningful assessment of the potential impact of our entire value chain, including but not limited to our corporate philanthropy. Specifically, our strategy is defined around three pillars:

  • Local wealth creation - contributing to economic development through a range of business activity, including tax contributions, local hiring, local sourcing and fostering an enterprise culture
  • Community investment - establishing investment programmes through corporate-wide or brand-led charitable activity.
  • Advocacy for positive change - working with other companies, governments, industry bodies and NGOs to address sustainable development.