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Organisational change

Successful businesses need to evolve their business strategies. We change our organisation when necessary, but always in a responsible way that takes account of our employees’ interests.

Sustainable growth, responsible change

In the last two years, we have led our business through an operating model review which has resulted in a new structure, designed to align our resources to markets which show the best prospects for growth.

Although the number of people we employ overall across the globe has increased, the changes to our business have inevitably meant losing people in some areas as their jobs or locations have changed.

We support employees affected by these changes in a number of ways, but whatever the outcome, we aim to act in line with our values - ensuring that people are treated with sensitivity and dignity, and get the help they need. We follow our global 'people principles', which set out our intention to be transparent and fair, to minimise uncertainty for individuals, and to comply with all relevant legal obligations. Our goal is to communicate job reductions with as much notice as possible. Notice periods vary by country and range from two to twelve weeks, during which redeployment options are explored for employees while meeting contractual or legal obligations. Senior executives may have longer periods of notice.

We make great efforts to find new roles for those who wish to stay with us, and where no alternative position exists within Diageo, employees receive full redundancy or severance support in line with local policy. In communities where Diageo is a significant employer, we work with local agencies on regeneration programmes. Training offered during transitional times varies by market but can include interview skills, CV writing, communication skills, financial management, personal income tax training, pre-retirement training, English language training and basic computer skills.

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