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Who we are

Our people make a huge difference to our company every day, everywhere – they are the reason we are successful.

The growth in our workforce is greatest where we see the greatest increase in demand for our brands. Following last year's restructuring of the business, we are becoming an increasingly significant employer in Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Carribean. Read more about our organisational change.

A profile of our people in 2012

Average number of employees by region by gender1
Men Women Total
North America 2,075 1,437 3,512
Europe 6,937 4,171 11,108
Africa 4,927 1,506 6,433
Latin America and Caribbean 1,342 903 2,245
Asia Pacific 1,511 889 2,400
Diageo (total) 16,792 8,906 25,698
  1. Employees have been allocated to the region in which they reside. Employees in Diageo's Annual Report 2012 are allocated to the region for which he/she provides the majority of service
Average number of employees by role by gender
Men Women Total
Managers 5,576 2,222 7,798
Supervised workers 11,393 6,507 17,900
Diageo (total) 16,969 8,729 25,698
New hires2 by region by gender
Men Women Total As a % of regional headcount
North America 262 178 440 13%
Europe 939 624 1,563 14%
Africa 676 232 908 14%
Latin America and Caribbean 246 214 460 20%
Asia Pacific 361 268 629 26%
Diageo (total) 2,484 1,516 4,000 16%
New hire rate by gender (category hires / total) 62% 38%
  1. Excludes employees joining the business as part of an acquisition
Employee turnover
Total % of the
North America 834 24%
Europe 1,960 18%
Africa 728 11%
Latin America and Caribbean 189 8%
Asia Pacific 513 21%
Diageo (total) 4,224 16%

Diversity and inclusion

As a business which operates in countries with varied cultures and consumers all around the world, we see diversity among our employees as a key competitive advantage. Having a diverse workforce increases our scope, speed and effectiveness in seizing growth and other business opportunities, as well as providing a rewarding environment within which to work. Increasing the diversity of our people, at all levels, remains a critical priority for us. This commitment to diversity is encapsulated in our Human Rights policy, which sets out our values in terms of fairness, openness, and equality.

Diversity can be illustrated in many ways. For example, currently 26% of our senior management group are women. Our board contains four women, 40% of the total. As a result, Diageo received the Opportunity Now Female FTSE 100 award, given to the FTSE 100 company with the highest female representation on its board. We also embrace a business model which aims to promote local leaders at a local level: our 21 general managers are drawn from 13 different nationalities.

In addition, for the fifth year in a row, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation gave Diageo North America a 100% score in its Corporate Equality Index, which rates the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees in the workplace. Diageo North America was also listed as one of Working Mother Magazine's top 100 companies this year, as a result of our flexible working, telecommuting, paid maternity leave and employee assistance programmes.

We consider local hiring and capability-building to be part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Most of our recruits are local hires, consistent with our goal to build strong local talent pipelines in all the markets in which we operate. For example, in Africa, 96% of our newly-hired employees came from the country in which they were recruited to work. We also recruit local graduates - this year alone we recruited 87 graduates in Africa through our three-year Growing Together Pan Africa Early Career Programme, 43% of whom were women.

As an indicator of our progress in supporting a diverse and inclusive culture, we measure the extent to which people feel comfortable and respected. We are pleased that in this year's Values Survey, 88% of respondents agreed that 'In my team, people can be themselves regardless of their ethnic background, gender, or style'; up from 87% last year.

Employee resource groups

Our employee resource groups are an important part of our diversity and inclusion agenda. They all share in aspiring to make Diageo the very best place to work. They also help us attract and retain the diversity of talent that we need to meet new commercial opportunities. The groups include:

Spirited Women – North America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland

More than 1,000 members in North America, the United Kingdom and Ireland take part in networking events, charity events, and mentoring with a mission to ensure ‘everyone in Diageo is celebrated for their uniqueness and the value that creates’.

The Network – Nigeria

Launched in 2010, the Network aims to support inclusivity, diversity and the development of women across the Guinness Nigeria organisation.

The Women’s Wing – Ghana

Launched on International Women’s Day 2011, the Women’s Wing is open to all female Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited employees, and supports its members in their development as well as raising funds for local charities.

DICHWA – Diageo Cameroon Hub Women’s Association

DICHWA is an active network in West Africa, with around 150 members (19% of the workforce), promoting ‘empowerment, commitment and advancement’ for women in Cameroon through educational, charity and networking events.

Rainbow network – United Kingdom and the United States

Rainbow is a UK and US network that raises awareness of LGBT issues, and identifies ways to reach LGBT consumers.

Originate – United Kingdom

Originate is a UK network focusing on cultural diversity, education and challenging stereotypes.

AHEAD (African Heritage Employees at Diageo) – United States

AHEAD is a North American network celebrating African heritage.

Pan Asian Network (PAN) – United States

PAN brings together employees of Asian Pacific heritage in North America in a range of networking activities.

Liberate – United Kingdom

Liberate is a UK group with around 200 employees in administrative or service-centre based roles, supporting capability, careers and connectivity.

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