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Human rights

A great place to work is a fair place to work. All our employees have the right to expect that their basic human identity and dignity are fully respected in the workplace.

Respecting the human rights of employees

In our Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Policy, we make clear that our employees should be treated justly, fairly and without discrimination. Among other statements, this policy asserts the right of employees to be dealt with solely according to their ability to meet the requirements and standards of their role, and to be fairly remunerated for their contributions to the company.

An important element of this policy is our commitment to pay wages and benefits for a standard working week that meet, at a minimum, national legal standards, and which should always be enough to meet basic needs and to provide some discretionary income. We do not use any form of forced or compulsory labour, and nor will we work with partners who do. The right of employees to leave the company after giving reasonable notice is of course respected.

A fundamental tenet of our approach to human rights is that we respect all relevant local employment laws with regard to working conditions, training and a duty of general care. In addition, our policy makes clear that we do not employ children under the age of 16. Where young people under the age of 18 work for Diageo companies or their partners, we take special care to protect and promote their interests.


All our employees are provided with contact details for the independent counselling and whistle-blowing service SpeakUp. We actively promote this service and encourage its use in order to ensure we have an ethical culture. Employees are assured that SpeakUp is confidential, and that we will not condone any reprisals against any employee who raises issues relating to his or her human rights. Read more about SpeakUp in our governance and ethics section.

Last year we also extended SpeakUp to suppliers. You can read more about how we manage risk in our supply chain, including human rights-related issues, in our suppliers.

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