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Developing talent

Employees who are encouraged to realise their full potential help make Diageo a great place to work and a more successful business.

Our approach to career and performance management is simple: we want Diageo people to fulfil their potential, and so make their greatest possible contribution to our business. We take training, career development and performance management extremely seriously. Employees are given a corporate induction, as well as functional and career development training as a matter of course, while our Partners for Growth programme helps manage performance.

Hiring the right people

It all begins, of course, with recruitment. One of the many benefits of our focus on emerging markets is our increasing ability to tap into new pools of talent in the regions where we are expanding. For example, we have recruited more than 450 graduates worldwide. We have been able to translate our approach to early career recruitment from developed markets to developing ones. This year alone we recruited 87 graduates in Africa through our three-year Growing Together Pan Africa Early Career Programme.

Performance management

Having recruited talented people, it makes sense to invest in them. All full-time, permanent employees are required to go through our holistic performance management programme, Partners for Growth (P4G), designed to allow employees to discuss their aspirations with their managers in an atmosphere of partnership. P4G also involves an annual performance and career development review which links personal objectives to our overall business strategy. Since 2011, personal evaluations have included a commitment by employees to our Code of Conduct and associated policies.


Our training programmes are designed to help employees develop professionally and personally at various stages in their careers.

Corporate induction programme

From day one, we want to help new employees build broad networks. Our corporate induction programme, which we transformed and updated this year, helps them do so, while providing them with information about and experience of key aspects of Diageo, and motivating them to find out more about the business. All new employees (more than 4,000 this year) are invited to take part. They are also required to take a one-hour module on our Code of Business Conduct.

Graduate training

We ensure that graduates receive the best support possible through our early career programmes. These include training for finance, marketing, sales, HR and supply graduates in the United Kingdom, the United States and Africa.

Mid-career training

Identifying and training leaders with the potential for senior management is critical for the growth of our business and takes place worldwide. The Growing Leaders programme, for example, is a pan-African initiative that aims to nurture the best talent in our African operations. The Leaders for Growth initiative, which has taken 90 of the top managers in North America through a programme of events designed to accelerate career development, helps bridge the gap between management and business leadership.

Functional training

Building the capability of all our employees is essential, both to keep talented people with us and for business performance. We are piloting new ways of delivering training, blending classroom learning with social media and simulations, and trialling mobile learning.

Diageo Academy

Diageo Academy is our global online learning and development resource, which allows employees to access either online or classroom training in their native language, with an emphasis on functional learning. We constantly review Diageo Academy to ensure that it delivers fresh and exciting programmes. In addition, our markets generate their own new learning initiatives, like the Open Learning Exchange in North America, where senior managers delivered modules to employees on subjects like ‘Building your strategic muscle’ and ‘Operating margin’.


This year we launched iDevelop, a global capability assessment and development tool. Read more in our case study.

Supply and procurement

We have developed programmes for employees in our supply and procurement function which are designed to ensure we have consistent standards of procurement, manufacturing, planning, logistics, supply chain and technical skills across the world. For example, we trained more than 350 employees across Europe in the use of our new supply planning tool, ‘Project Globe’. We intend to take this programme into Asia, Latin America and Carribean and North America in the coming year.

Leadership training

Our leadership development programme, the Diageo Leadership Performance Programme (DLPP), has been running since 2007. This year-long programme is designed to create a step change in our individual and collective leadership thinking, behaviour and performance. This year, we continued to expand DLPP to include mid-level managers with the potential to become future leaders.

We also offer a variety of functional-based leadership programmes. Last year in Europe we launched our Building Manufacturing and Leadership Excellence programme, which helps individuals identify, prioritise, and build the functional and leadership capability specific to their role. This is currently being implemented with middle managers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, offering over 250 different development interventions from classroom-based courses and e-learning to self-managed programmes and reading materials.

In Africa, we continued our Pan-African Engineering Leadership Development Programme, aimed at developing the strengths of our middle managers, focusing on their personal development as leaders in our business, asset care capability and environmental and energy awareness.

We are also investing in functional training to develop leaders in new areas of our business. In Ethiopia, where we recently acquired the Meta Abo Brewery, we invested in a sales capability-building programme for a new commercial leadership team comprising existing Meta Abo Brewery employees and new employees from local businesses. Read more in our case study.

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