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Our talent

Our success as a business depends on the success of our people. We strive to create an environment in which all our employees feel included and able to perform at their best.

Our approach

The people we employ are talented, but we still want to see them learn and grow. Growing the capability of our people, and giving them the confidence and freedom to succeed, powers the future growth of the business.

For us, that means creating a distinctive Diageo culture, one in which every employee feels valued, engaged and empowered, and is passionate about our business, our brands, and our values. That culture should be diverse, inclusive and performance-orientated, but above all, it should be liberating.

To help create that culture, we have developed a rewards structure that recognises performance; we have a career development process that harnesses talent and rewards dedication; and we have built the human rights of our employees into our values.

Although we know that the best measure of an engaged workforce is commercial results, our Values Survey is intended to help us understand the extent to which our values are embedded in Diageo. The feedback we receive from the survey helps shape and drive Diageo as a business.

Over many years, our Values Survey has shown a high level of engagement among our employees. As a result, in 2006 we developed a more challenging ambition, ‘super-engagement’, which we also measure through the Survey. ‘Super-engaged’ is our term for someone who gives top scores to six core values and engagement questions. Our aim is for 50% of our people to be ‘super-engaged’.


This year, our annual Values Survey showed that 86% of employees were ‘engaged’, while 40% of employees were ‘super-engaged’, an increase of 1% on 2011. Our efforts are also being recognised externally – we won 21 awards this year naming Diageo as one of the best places to work around the world. Read more about how we are supporting and inspiring our people in the following sections:

  • Developing talent – our growth will be driven by talented people who have been given the right professional and personal development
  • Reward and recognition – employees’ contributions to our success should be celebrated – and rewarded
  • Engaging employees – employees who are passionate and committed are more fulfilled and more successful
  • Human rights – we respect our employees’ rights, and adhere to the strict ethical standards of our Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Policy.

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