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Our people

We know that our people are key to Diageo’s success. Our people policies aim to support a welcoming culture and a safe working environment, giving our employees the freedom to be the very best they can be. Five values – passionate about customers and consumers, proud of what we do, freedom to succeed, be the best and value each other – are at the heart of everything we do.

Our approach

Diageo is a growing business and an employer of choice in many countries around the world. This year, we employed an average of 25,698 people, an increase of 8% from last year.

Creating the conditions for our people to succeed starts with safety. Our philosophy of 'Zero Harm' has helped us significantly reduce the total number of accidents in our business in recent years, but we always work to eliminate accidents altogether. This year we added a Severe and Fatal Incident Prevention programme to our overall safety strategy to help us meet our ambition that 'everyone goes home safe, every day, everywhere'.

Empowering our employees, and helping to ensure they are healthy, motivated and engaged with Diageo's strategy and values, will always be a top priority. Our range of health and wellness programmes, engagement policies, training and development, reward programmes and employee resource groups provide the physical, emotional and motivational support that employees need to realise their potential and deliver great results.

Changing organisation, unchanging values

Last year we restructured the business to capture growth opportunities, especially in emerging markets. Change of this kind is essential to the long-term success of the company, keeping us agile and competitive and creating growth - but inevitably it has impacts on our employees. Wherever possible, we seek to minimise and mitigate those impacts, demonstrating our corporate commitment to the values we ask our employees to share.

What is important to us is that these values remain unchanged. We want our employees to 'be the best', and we help them through training and career development. We want them to 'value each other', supported by our anti-discrimination and human rights policies and our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We want them to have the 'freedom to succeed', to be liberated to produce their best work, confident that it will be recognised and rewarded. Our annual Values Survey gives employees the opportunity to comment on the extent to which we live our values as a business, and we use it to plan and implement our business objectives.