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Who we serve

There is a huge diversity in the people who enjoy our brands and the businesses with which we work to sell our products.

We define the people we serve in three groups.


Our customers are the businesses through which we sell our brands. They fall into two broad categories:  'off-premise', where shoppers buy to consume at home, at parties or as gifts and 'on-premise' where consumers are served drinks at the establishment. Approximately 60% of our customers are off-premise, and our biggest accounts include Walmart, Tesco, Metro, Carrefour, Casino and Auchan. In some cases, such as parts of the United States, Canada or India, the government sells our products through state stores. The remaining 40% of our customers are on-premise establishments, such as bars, entertainment venues, restaurants and hotels.


Shoppers are those who buy our products, especially in off-premise stores - they may or may not be the ultimate consumer.


Consumers are those who drink our brands. With more than 100 brands from Tanqueray gin to Stirling Vineyards wine helping our consumers in 180 markets celebrate life every day, everywhere, it's not surprising that our consumer base, their tastes and the occasions when they drink are highly diverse.

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