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Engaging consumers

Diageo has always excelled at world-class marketing, building brands and nurturing loyal consumer relationships. It is through our brands that we can encourage our consumers to become more sustainable in their behaviour.

Our approach

Our brands have been supporting their consumers and communities for decades, for centuries in some cases, to build a better world. This ranges from Arthur Guinness's philanthropy in 1900s Dublin, to the Joseph E. Seagram company responsible drinking ads starting in the 1930s and Grand Metropolitan's foundation of the charity Tomorrow's People in the 1980s. We continue this legacy in many ways, including by engaging consumers in responsible drinking programmes and in cause-related campaigns.

Sustainability also increasingly feeds into our innovation and brand procurement pipelines. For example, Sterling Organic wine and Moon Mountain vodka offer organic options to consumers. Senator Keg beer offers consumers in Kenya a low-priced and often safer alternative to non-commercial alcohol. There are also many changes that we are making to our packaging, as you can read about in our sustainable packaging section. Some brands such as Baileys have looked into their supply chain and helped to minimise their environmental impact - read more in our sustainable agriculture section.

To continue to develop capabilities in this area, our internal marketing training programme, Diageo Way of Building Brands (DWBB), is currently being refreshed. Rather than including a separate module on sustainability and responsibility, the updated programme will have information on sustainability throughout the toolkits, case studies and materials. This reflects our marketers' view that sustainability is not an add-on, but runs through everything we do.

In general, there are two ways that we engage our consumers through our brands around sustainability and responsibility:

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