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Our customers and consumers

People celebrate life, every day, everywhere with Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray, Smirnoff, and more than 100 other brands – connecting Diageo to businesses, shoppers and consumers around the world. Encouraging positive behaviour through our brands is therefore a powerful tool in our work to manage our social and environmental impact.

Our approach

At Diageo, we pride ourselves on building and growing brilliant premium brands by understanding what our consumers want, and collaborating with the businesses that engage them directly.

At the heart of this work is our commitment to quality - creating delicious, safe drinks in beautiful packaging that consumers love. Beyond this we aim to meet broader expectations, which are increasingly to do with social and environmental performance.

Engaging consumers

External research has shown that consumers' interest in sustainability and responsibility is growing fast in some industries although it is still just beginning with alcoholic beverages. Nevertheless, we believe our current brand programmes around social and environmental issues are engaging our consumers and we think they will become a more important element of a consumer's evaluation of our brands. This is one reason why we are working to maximise our impact throughout our value chain - from grain or vine to glass.

Historically we have focused on engaging our consumers around responsible drinking. For example, in the US, 20% of our broadcast advertising budget has been dedicated to responsible drinking commercials since 2001. And promoting a message never to drink and drive has been embedded in our sponsorship of Formula 1 since day one in 2005.

Working with customers

Driven by the same trends, our customers are beginning to look to suppliers like Diageo to help them improve their own sustainability performance, whether through promoting responsible drinking, contributing to their environmental programme or ensuring human rights in our supply chain practices.

We too see these businesses - our main vehicle to our consumers - as a critical tool to maximise our impact and positively change consumer attitudes, such as reducing secondary packaging, encouraging recycling or, as has been the case historically, promoting responsible drinking. As such, collaborating with these businesses is critical for our Sustainability & Responsibility Strategy.