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Performance and outlook

Diageo wants great brands like Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker and Guinness to be widely enjoyed, responsibly. We have a long track record of leadership in promoting responsible drinking. As we expand in emerging markets, ensuring our approach remains effective is a business priority. That means bringing to bear our experience of diverse cultural attitudes to alcohol.

Key metrics

We are pleased that we continued to perform strongly against our public targets on alcohol in society, demonstrating excellent compliance with our own and industry codes, and supporting a wide range of innovative responsible drinking initiatives.

Progress against alcohol in society targets
Target by 2013 2012 performance Achievement
Ensure that Diageo marketing is 100% compliant with the Diageo Marketing Code (DMC) Approximately 99.8% of marketing activity globally complied with the DMC On track
Responsible drinking reminders (RDRs) are included in 100% of above-the-line advertising material Included in 100% of our global approved above-the-line advertising Achieved is included on all renovated and new brand labels Included on the majority of renovated and new brand labels:
  • Spirits and ready-to-drink products - 95%
  • Beer products - 90%
  • Wine products - 45%
On track
Responsible drinking initiatives are in place in our top 40 countries (by value) We support responsible drinking programmes in 49 countries including 37 of our top 40 countries On track
Effective industry self-regulatory or co-regulatory codes in place in our top 40 countries (by value) In place in 37 of our top 40 countries On track

2012 has proved a truly milestone year for alcohol industry self-regulation, with the development of  internationally-agreed standards for responsible marketing, the European Responsible Marketing Pact, a new set of digital guidelines for Europe and the United States and the establishment of alcohol marketing codes in a number of countries. In fact, since 2008, new codes for responsible alcohol marketing have been developed in 20 countries. We are also proud to be supporting over 300 responsible drinking programmes in 49 countries around the world.

In addition, we are supporting a major international industry conference in October 2012 to showcase programmes backed by the alcohol industry, and to discuss how alcohol producers can best continue our efforts to help national governments successfully implement the World Health Organisation (WHO) Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol.


Despite progress in improved self-regulation and other areas, there has been growing debate over the past 12 months about the role of alcohol in society, with a focus on interventions like minimum pricing and discussion of the role of alcohol producers in promoting public health.

With the European Union (EU) refreshing its approach to alcohol in 2012 and the WHO due to review its agenda-setting Global Strategy in 2013, Diageo will continue to play its part, working with others to implement effective programmes and policies to address alcohol misuse.

This includes promoting the role of industry, and leveraging the trusted relationship we enjoy with customers and consumers to ensure that our drinks are enjoyed sensibly. It also means arguing for effective policies and regulations targeted at those who misuse alcohol.