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Membership of industry bodies

Over the years, we have helped establish many social aspects organisations (SAOs). These are industry-funded organisations that work with government, the private sector and non-governmental organisations to promote responsible drinking and tackle alcohol misuse.

Diageo's SAO memberships in 2012

SAO Location Website
DrinkWise Australia
Educ'alcool Canada
Forum-psr Czech Republic
GODA Denmark
European Forum for Responsible Drinking (EFRD) European Union
Entreprise & Prévention France
DrinkAware Ireland
Mature Enjoyment of Alcohol in Society (MEAS) Ireland
Fundación de Investigaciones Sociales A.C. (FISAC) Mexico
STIVA The Netherlands
Romanian Forum for Responsible Drinking Romania
Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA) South Africa
Fundacion Alcohol y Sociedad (FAS) Spain
Taiwan Beverage Alcohol Forum (TBAF) Taiwan
Thai Foundation for Responsible Drinking (TFRD). Thailand
The Portman Group United Kingdom
The Century Council United States