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Making information available to consumers

To make responsible choices, consumers need clear and accessible information to be readily available. We work hard to make sure our consumers can easily get hold of the up-to-date information they need.

Diageo Alcohol Beverage Information Policy

Diageo operates what we call the Diageo Alcohol Beverage Information Policy (DABIP) to provide consumers with the right information to help them make sensible choices in an accessible easy-to-use format.

DABIP stipulates that all new products, packaging renovations and promotional changes include responsible drinking reminders, information on allergens, alcohol by volume and a link to our responsible drinking website on the primary packaging.

We also publish nutritional information about our products on, and on packaging where such information is required by law. Where legislation prohibits any alcohol website, including our site, we include nutritional information on our packaging. We are implementing this policy organically, rolling it out to all brands as packaging and labels are renovated.


DRINKiQ is one of the ways that Diageo uses its skills as a world-class marketing company to promote responsible drinking. It is a website referenced across Diageo products that aims to raise the 'collective drink IQ' by increasing public awareness and dialogue on alcohol issues.

It is available in nine languages and has 22 specific country pages, with Brazil and Uruguay pages launched this year. The site contains experts' views, facts about alcohol, responsible drinking tips, nutritional information about Diageo brands, and sets out our approach to responsible drinking.

Diageo also uses a DRINKiQ programme to engage employees - both to help them make their own responsible decisions about drinking, or not drinking, and to give them the confidence to be DRINKiQ 'ambassadors'. The DRINKiQ employee engagement programme is a formal part of new employee inductions in more than 20 countries.

This year, we have continued running the DRINKiQ sessions with external stakeholders as an alcohol awareness course.

For example in China, Diageo partnered with others to deliver training to industry groups, media and bartending students. In India, DRINKiQ workshops have been organised for Diageo's trade and business partners. In Colombia, we have trained over 1,300 adult university students, bar staff, parent groups and drivers and 1,200 adult college students were trained in Venezuela.

We also use the course to influence role models. In South Africa, we partnered with the South African Football Players Union to run DRINKiQ workshops. In Australia, Diageo continued to work with the National Rugby League to run DRINKiQ sessions with 'rookies', young adults entering the professional sport. We have run sessions for rookies at their annual camp for five years, engaging over 1,200 young men in alcohol awareness during that period.

Finally, we are exploring new ways of using DRINKiQ to give consumers the tools they need to make responsible choices about drinking, or not drinking. In Korea, Diageo has developed a DRINKiQ application for smart phones that allows consumers to calculate how much alcohol is contained in different drinks and keep track of what they've consumed, as well as providing helpful basic facts about alcohol.

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