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Following our own codes

Diageo has two codes that govern our marketing standards: the Diageo Marketing Code (DMC) and the Digital Code of Practice.

The Diageo Marketing Code

The DMC is a mandatory minimum standard applying across all markets and governing every aspect of our activities - from research and development to marketing, promotion and packaging.

The DMC comprises common sense rules on responsible marketing such as: only targeting adults, both through the content of our creative material or by its placement in media outlets; avoiding presenting moderate consumption or abstinence negatively; not encouraging irresponsible drinking or promoting brands based on strength; and not implying that our brands have any health or therapeutic benefits.

The DMC is regularly reviewed and embedded across Diageo by ongoing training, with advertising campaigns required to go through an online approval system.

The Digital Code of Practice

The Code extends our commitment to responsible marketing to the digital space. It governs Diageo and third parties, setting out 10 core principles covering age affirmation, transparency, privacy and user-generated content.

It means, for example, that similar to traditional media, marketing communications must be placed only in places where at least 70% of the audience is over the legal purchase age (LPA). It requires that - where there is direct interaction with users - websites or other communications channels controlled by our brands have to require them to affirm their age before they can access the site.  It also specifies that Facebook pages for our products must be set up using the 'Alcohol Related' setting to ensure those who are younger than the LPA cannot access our branded content. Finally, it means that user generated content on Diageo-controlled sites must be reviewed every working day and inappropriate content removed within 48 hours of appearing on the site.

The Code has been fully rolled out via weekly webinars to marketing staff and the agencies with which they work. Given the fast-moving nature of the digital environment, we also work hard to keep the Code up to date. Our internal cross-functional digital governance leadership team (DGLT) meets regularly to review emerging marketing trends and to set policy that governs our marketing activity in new channels. The DGLT comprises representatives from marketing, corporate relations, legal and information systems teams so it ensures these standards are embedded at the heart of our business.

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