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Alcohol in society

Alcohol has been part of the social and cultural fabric of communities around the globe for centuries. As the world’s leading premium drinks company, Diageo is privileged to own iconic brands enjoyed by millions every day, and we work hard to help ensure alcohol is enjoyed responsibly. Tackling alcohol misuse is not only the right thing to do, but addresses our business interests over the long term. We want our consumers to celebrate life today – and tomorrow.

Our approach

Creating a more positive role for alcohol in society means encouraging adults always to make responsible choices about whether, when and how much to drink. So we work with others to seek to influence consumers' attitudes and behaviour. Different communities, cultures and faiths have a range of views on the role of alcohol and some people make a personal choice not to drink - we recognise and respect that. We also acknowledge that, of course, some people should not drink as a matter of their own safety and wellbeing. This includes children and young people under the legal purchase age, pregnant women, people who cannot control their drinking or who have a specific medical condition where drinking is likely to cause an adverse reaction.

A minority of people drink too much and cause harm to themselves and to others. We believe that efforts to reduce the misuse of alcohol are likely to be most effective when government, civil society, individuals and families as well as the industry work together to tackle the problem in partnership. On our part, we are committed to: