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Key risks

A thorough understanding of risk allows us to make more informed and better decisions and thus deliver better business performance.

Diageo has a robust framework of internal controls and risk management, which we describe in detail in our annual report. Our structured approach to addressing social, environmental and economic impacts helps us manage risk more efficiently, strengthen our reputation and brands, avoid or reduce occurrences that could cause profit loss and build trust with stakeholders. Our ability to manage such impacts well today is crucial to our ability to thrive in the future.

Risk factors by impact area

Our annual report contains the full list of risk factors we consider to be material to the business. Here we list the risks we consider to be particularly relevant in terms of our sustainability and responsibility impacts. To find out more about how we are mitigating these risks, please click on the appropriate sections of the report.

Diageo risk factors related to sustainability and responsibility

Risk Risk mitigation
The social acceptability of our products is challenged Alcohol in society

Customers and consumers
We do not adequately address stakeholder concerns about alcohol misuse or responsible marketing Alcohol in society

Customers and consumers
Unwarrented regulatory restrictions damage our licence to operate Alcohol in society

Customers and consumers
Stakeholders’ expectations about our contribution to socio-economic development are not met Socio-economic development
The impacts of climate change on resource scarcity including the availability and quality of water and the price of raw materials drive up costs and affect production Water and environment
We face increased regulation of our business Alcohol in society

Water and environment

Socio-economic development

Our suppliers

Governance and ethics
Our ability to attract and retain talent, especially in emerging markets, is compromised Our people

Risk to the company was one of many indicators included in our materiality assessments to determine social and environmental priorities for the company. For more information, see determining our material impacts.

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