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Our stakeholders

We define our stakeholders as all those who affect or are affected by Diageo’s business. They include internal and external stakeholders, ranging from employees, investors and commercial partners to governments and local communities.

The table below sets out each stakeholder group and examples of how we currently engage them on all issues, including sustainability and responsibility questions.

Diageo's stakeholder engagement programme

Stakeholder group Our engagement programme
  • Formal annual general meetings
  • Meetings between investors, senior leadership and investor relations team
  • Conversations between corporate social responsibility team, investor relations team and investors
  • Annual investor audit
  • Online communications
  • Analysts' reports
  • Investor conferences
  • Values Survey
  • Team meetings
  • Employee newsletters
  • Forums
Commercial partners
  • Annual customer survey
  • ‘Top-to-Top’ meetings between Diageo and customers' senior executives
  • Third-party supplier audits
  • SpeakUp helpline
  • Consumer carelines
  • Formal market research
  • Brand and corporate websites
  • Social media
  • Product information on packaging
Government / regulators
  • Briefings and direct meetings
  • Multi-stakeholder forums
Local community organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • One-to-one meetings or conversations
  • Multi-stakeholder forums
  • Annual reviews (Diageo Foundation)
  • Ongoing partnerships
  • Senior leadership meetings
  • Global networks
  • Regular media surveys

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