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Engaging stakeholders

Understanding how our business affects our stakeholders is essential for determining what our key impacts are and how we need to manage them.

Our approach

Engagement is a process that ranges from sharing information with stakeholders on key business issues (including but not limited to sustainability and responsibility) to, at its best, working in partnership on projects of mutual interest.

We engage with our stakeholders on two principal levels, local and global. At a local level, employees across many functions engage with our people, local governments, customers, media and community groups on issues of immediate concern to them. At a global level, we engage with our investors, global customers, suppliers and multi-national organisations such as United Nations agencies or NGOs that have a broad remit.

At both levels, engaging with stakeholders has helped to inform our activities around the world. We run surveys with certain stakeholders – such as employees, investors and customers – to seek feedback on our programmes. In some cases we hire third parties to seek feedback since we feel that using external researchers can encourage stakeholders to be more open and honest.

Engaging more widely on sustainability and responsibility issues

This year we have begun to engage more broadly on sustainability and responsibility issues with certain stakeholders, notably with our first investor conference. We also launched an updated reputation survey, which, as we published this report, was being piloted in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Denmark. We will use the results of these surveys, along with other stakeholder engagement activities, to help us prioritise our sustainability and responsibility programmes. For more information about the process we are undergoing to define what is material to our business and stakeholders see determining our material impacts.

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