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Governance and ethics

Here we explain the basis of calculation for:

  • Baseline and target setting
    • Controls, compliance and ethics managers
    • Values Survey questions
    • New joiners
    • Annual Certificate of Compliance
    • SpeakUp.

Baseline and target setting

Having completed the initial role out of our Code of Business Conduct globally we have focused on ensuring the key elements of our programme are working effectively by measuring five new key performance indicators set out in 1 September 2011 with a completion year of 30 June 2012.

  • Controls, compliance and ethics managers: We assess each of our markets to ensure there are no vacancies and that we have the relevant people assigned to controls, compliance and ethics in each.
  • Values Survey questions: Data is collected from an annual survey sent to all employees and administered by Kenexa, one of the world’s largest employee survey providers. This year the data represents 91% of Diageo’s employee base, compared with 89% in 2011.
  • New joiners: All new starters are automatically enrolled in our Code of Business Conduct e-learning programme through Diageo Academy that tracks global participation and responses. In markets where access to the Academy is difficult, we carry out face-to-face training and a register is taken.
  • Annual Certification of Compliance: We rolled out the Annual Compliance Certification to all middle managers this year. This was through the global online training tool, Diageo Academy, which holds a record of participation and responses for all employees. These are then reported to market and function leadership teams, and reviewed by CC&E managers.
  • SpeakUp: Our SpeakUp whistleblowing line is advertised across our markets. Calls that come in are tracked by an external party and picked up by the global compliance and ethics team. All investigations are monitored by our corporate security team who track length of time, and resolution on a case tracking system.